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Grüne Rinne

The „Grüne Rinne“ drain pipe offers a flexible and easy to assemble system for drainage of floors,  dungheaps, flat silos and composting installations. The pipe can be equipped with three different types of spouts.


1. The orange spouts main characteristics is a special opening funnel avoiding quick clogging while removing manure. They come with a spring lock to be removed after concrete work.

2. The yellow spouts with round 1,5 cm (9/16") size openings act as conventional drainage. The spouts are enclosed with concrete and subsequently opened.

3. With a height of 71 mm, the blue spouts can be used for deeper embedding in concrete.

4. With a height of 71 mm, the red spouts can be used for deeper embedding in concrete, available for the „Grüne Rinne“ with 160mm diameter.

Technical data
orange spoutsyellow spoutsblue spoutsred spouts
Item no.00212002130021400218
Spout height mm51467171
Pipe-Diameter mm125160
  • high quality design
  • cost saving alternative to PVC piping
  • versatile usage
  • easy installation

Grüne Rinne