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MIK manure system

An optimal working manure system has both, the MIK drain stub and a MIK manure plug from PVC. The main advantage is durability and robustness against the environment in the manure system.

Glue-on Drain Stub (typ AS)
  • supply with or without center reduction
  • 250 or 300 mm diameter
  • available in various heights from 310 to 1000 mm
  • available with or without center reduction
Manure Stopper (typ GS)
  • 200, 250 or 300mm diameter
  • extremely strong and durable
  • compact plug made from HDPE


Technical data
AS 250AS 300GS 200GS 250GS 300
Item no.0023000240002500025100252
Height mm250300200250300