THE toy for piglets, finishing pigs and sows! The successful duet MIK TOY and MIK ROLLS offers top-quality playing material for occupying pigs of all ages ideally and sustainably.


Benefits MIK ROLLS
  • MIK rolls are dust free compressed rolls of wheat and rape straw
  • supplemented raw fibres effectively support the digestion process
  • complies with legal EU regulations governing the provision of changeable manipulable materials
  • MIK ROLLS are quickly accepted by the animals
  • bacteriologically safe as they are compressed under heat during the production process
Benefits MIK TOY
  • effectively reduces stress
  • minimises behavioural disorders such as tail biting
  • made of stainless steel for a maximum life span
  • easy assembly
  • easy to refill
  • up to 30 animals per TOY
Technical data
Item no.3120031005
Measurements mm80 x 580
Material20 kg boxstainless steel
Recommended installation height
Animal weightBottom edge of MIK
TOY above ground level
Weaners200 – 300 mm
Animals 25 – 60 kg350 – 450 mm
Animals 61 – 120 kg450 – 550 mm
Animals >120 kg600 mm

MIK Toy and MIK Rolls