New Piglet Creep heating

Notification (Registration) of novelty Innovation Award EuroTier 2022

“Thermochromic Piglet Creep heating Thermo W/E

For many years now, piglet creep heating has been standard equipment in modern piggeries. The thermal comfort of piglets in their creep area is essential for their health and wellbeing, especially in the first days of their lives thus also increasing the survivability of the piglets.
Temperature monitored and controlled heating systems have been in use for a long time, but often they only regulate a complete heating system. Until now, the monitoring and control of individual creep areas had to be carried out using handheld infrared thermometers or thermal imaging cameras. A visual temperature monitoring did not exist until now. So far, it has been comparatively difficult to detect the failure of one or more heating panels.

With the novelty “thermochromic piglet creep heating Thermo W/E”, it has been possible to create a robust and absolutely trouble free device for permanent visual monitoring of the surface temperature of the heating panels.

To enable this, the Thermo W/E panels are produced with reversible thermochromic pigments on the upper visible surface which change colour according to pre-set minimum and maximum temperatures.

The farmer can therefore instantly and easily determine if there is a fault. In addition to labour advantages, the product also leads to significant improvements in the optimal lying behaviour in the microclimate piglet creep area.


BISTROMat feeders

The BistroMat feeders can be used for piglets (type P) and for wean to finishing pigs (F). Variable settings allow perfect feed adjustment according to the animals' requirements.

Smaragd G - the new finishing panel

The new finishing panel Smaragd G is available with 3 % or 10 % percentage of opening

The new finishing panel grants a clean resting area for the piglets and finishing pigs as well as a stable mounting ground for the feeders.

50 years MIK

50 years MIK – a reason to thank all our customers for their trust  and good cooperation. You have contributed a great deal to us celebrating this anniversary