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CAST panel system

An extensive assortment of cast panels matching the MIK flooring system is available to complement the plastic panels. The CAST panels feature the same, long-proven surface with the familiar foot holds and give even sows with fundamental weaknesses the necessary grip when standing up and lying down.

Technical data
 CAST C 400 x 600CAST C 400 x 600 GCAST C 600 x 400CAST C 600 x 400 G
Item no.00510005150052000525
Measurements mm (WxL)*400 x 600400 x 600600 x 400600 x 400
Slit width10 mm-10 mm-
Share of slits35 %3 %35 %3 %
Animal weight350 kg

*width x length 

DUO support beam system

The DUO support beam system is the basis for the entire panel system. The beams made of composite fiberglass (GRP) ensure a stable and durable panel support. Even under difficult construction conditions, our wide accessory assortment guarantees easy and fast assembling.


Technical data
Item no.2200020000
height x width mm120 x 29150 x 29
total installation height mm
(with panel and DUO Protect)
  • high bearing load and stability due to delta-profile
  • special DUO edge profile for additional interlocking with panel
  • support leg system for wider spanning
  • acid and alkali resistant
  • first class self cleaning
  • no corrosion

Edge strips

The edge strips provide a clean finish, ensuring a proper closing of expansion gaps and smooth connection to concrete surfaces.


Technical data
 Edge strip
Item no.00191
Measurements mm400
MIK in use