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The TRAPPER panel offers diary farmers a safe and ergonomic workplace arrangement in addition to easy use and cleaning. The STEPPER has a special design with a knobbed surface structure that guarantees better grip, for safer working conditions.


TRAPPER offers milkers welcome health care during the working day in addition to step safety and easy cleaning.

STEPPER’S special design with its knobbed surface structure guarantees more grip and thus provides safer working conditions.


Flyer milking parlour


  • easy cleaning and effective drainage
  • anti-skid surface
  • slightly elastic, it is gentle to back and joints
  • underfloor ventilation with warm air is also possible
More colours available for milking parlours
Item no. blue0031400310
Item no. opal green0030300308
Item no. white0031500309
Item no. grey00307


DUO support beam system

The DUO support beam system is the basis for the entire panel system. The beams made of composite fiberglass (GRP) ensure a stable and durable panel support. Even under difficult construction conditions, our wide accessory assortment guarantees easy and fast assembling.


Technical data
Item no.2200020000
height x width mm120 x 29150 x 29
total installation height mm
(with panel and DUO Protect)
  • high bearing load and stability due to delta-profile
  • special DUO edge profile for additional interlocking with panel
  • support leg system for wider spanning
  • acid and alkali resistant
  • first class self cleaning
  • no corrosion

Edge strips

The edge strips provide a clean finish, ensuring a proper closing of expansion gaps and smooth connection to concrete surfaces.


Technical data
 Edge strip
Item no.00191
Measurements mm400
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