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THERMO E 400 x 600

The electrically operated THERMO E 400 x 600 allows a flexible arrangement of panels, is very suitable for the cost conscious remodelling of old installations and has greatly proved itself as a reliable heating in nursery systems.


Technical data
* at 18°C ambient temperature, for 40°C surface temperature
** Average values in running operation in the farrowing unit Heat exchanger is required
THERMO E 400 x 600
Item no.00115: with sensor
00114: without sensor
Measurements mm400 x 600
Maximum* power consumption85 Watt
Average power ** consumption65 Watt
  • anti-slip knobbed surface
  • flexible arrangement of thermal nests
  • cost-efficient solution for small operations
  • compact heating panel
System (overview)

Accessories: Control system for THERMO E